I found that truth is the path of thorns,
I still chose to walk on them!
I took your curse as a blessing, I knew what I was doing then! I knew my path was seldom tried,
I knew it wasn't going to be easy either, Yet I chose to carve my way through,
I knew it led to you...!
Hey! Prabho yeh Terapanth

Born in V.S. 1783 at Kantaliya, Rajasthan, this dynamic personality became the disciple of Sthanakvasi Acharya Sri Raghunathji in the year 1805. Within 8 years of his sainthood he realized that the sacrifices required to attain NIRVANA (Moksh/Supreme Enlightenment) would not be within reach with the leniency practiced by his teacher. Even after persistant indication towards the misconduct of the rules guiding sainthood, his teacher paid no attention to the issue, thus forcing this preacher of truth and sacrifice to part ways with his teacher who in turn cursed him to suffer. 12 saints followed suite and when a poet called them TERAPANTH (Group of 13 saints in Hindi slang), he kneeled and bowed to his faith saying Hey Prabho! Yeh Tearapanth!(Hey Lord this is your way, the way that leads to you!)

Thus Terapanth was born and this dynamic personality became our 1 st Acharya (Teacher) - Acharya Bhikshu! His tales of valour, victory over pain and dedication to his faith keeps us enthusiastic to walk on the path of self realization and strengthens us to believe in our dreams.

Words of wisdom from Acharya Bhikshu
  • Spirituality and non spirituality can never be together.
  • Purity can never be achieved through impure means.
  • It's non favourable to harm or hurt any living organism weaker than us.
  • To attain Moksh (Supreme Enlightenment), the path for a saint and a common man is the same.
  • Non violence and pity are miles apart.
  • Violence is non spiritual by all means.
  • Material is different from spiritual.
  • Necessary evil is also violence.


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