Education is that light which paves way through the darkest of times in our lives! And when the education of material partners with the spiritual, expect a magnum in the making, as the very knowledge of self is possible only when our mind meets our soul. It is utmost necessary that the new generation be literate and educated, both morally and knowledge wise. And it is also important that knowledge be imparted to one and all without any disparity.

Acharya Tulsi Shiksha Pariyojana has been seeded within Akhil Bharatiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal for educational, social and spiritual development of women. This yojana (program) is operational in two parts : 1) Tatva Gyan & Terapanth Darshan Curriculum; 2) Acharya Tulsi Open School Program

Tatva Gyan & Terapanth Darshan Curriculum provides the insights to ones purpose of living and how a human has to live to benefit all. It creates that link between the mind and the soul, channelising the energies of self in the process of restoring the soul of earth. It also helps in cultivating the moral human within every being! 1400 students are appearing for Tatva Gyan & Terapanth Darshan Curriculum annuals and the number is on a constant increase.

Acharya Tulsi Open School Program provides for the education needs of the deprived, many girls and women are benefiting from this no time table school. This model allows the student to study at their ease based on the availability of time. They can continue to work and and also study at the same time without any age bar. This program provides for the scapel of Jeevan Vigyan as a co-curricular topic which imparts the knowledge of life and preaches how to live better, to sculpt the students. 250 girls and women are being supported for their educational needs in 8 villages near Ladnun with the help of volunteers from our University Jain Vishwa Bharati and 2700 girls across the country are being supported by us for their educational needs.

Jain Scholar Yojana
To accomplish the dream of Acharya Tulsi Jain Scholar Yojana was launched by ABTMM with the blessings of Acharya Mahashraman. The purpose of this yojana is to bring up intellectual, talented individuals who will have complete knowledge of Tatva Gyan, Terapanth Darshan and Jain religion.



Akhil Bharatiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal (ABTMM)

"Rohini", Jain Vishwa Bharti, Ladnun,Dist. Nagaur Rajasthan. PIN-341306 +91-01581-222070. info@abtmm.in

President - Smt. Kalpana Baid
Secretary - Smt. Suman Nahata
Treasurer- Smt. Sarita Daga