Upcoming activities/ projects of ABTMM:

  1. Tapo Mahayagya – Ayambil Anushthan
    • Organising 57,000 Ayambil on one single day on eve of Acharya Shree Mahashramanji birthday on 24th April 2017
  2. Samayik
    • Making best efforts to connect maximum women and Kanya Mandal in every Saturday evening 7pm to 8pm group Samayik Project
    • Getting Samayik project participation registered by every ABTMM member
  3. Oral recitation (knowledge of Terapanth)
    • Making best efforts to orally recite Pacchis Bol and Pratikraman
    • Start oral reciting of Terapanth Prabodh this year with special objective
    • Those having already done may look to start Mahapragya Prabodh
  4. Pachrangi Tap
    • Exercise and motivate members to do Tap and participate in Pachrangi Tap
  5. Pratyakhyan
    • Organise nationwide drive to encourage community members to take oath of ten Pratyakhyan
  1. Noble objective of connecting around 2,100 community students in Tatva Gyan and Terapanth Darshan courses
  2. Online training of Tatva Gyan and Terapanth Darshan Courses
  3. Starting up new three years special course for those having completed 6 years complete course
  4. Oragnising conference and convocation ceremony of all those having passed out both courses
  5. To organise conference and convocation ceremony of all Jain Scholar education participants
  1. To organise Girls regional workshops to facilitate learning of girls in existence, personality and responsibilities protection and thereby help society in making new generation culturally well prepared
  2. Organise various competitions from time to time to avail platform to explore hidden talent and creativity in girls
  3. Avail pre-marital training to give feel of responsibilities post marriage in terms of happy, peaceful and co-ordinated life style
  4. Avail Career guidance facilities to Girls
  5. Avail spiritual, scientific personality development training to girls
  6. Encourage Kanya Mandal members in large number to orally recite Terapanth Prabodh
  7. Organise nationwide rally to mark women empowerment on eve of World Women day on 08th March 2018
  8. To make continuous efforts to encourage girl members to take smaller Vrata and adopt Tyag Sankalpa using various online tools like WAPP
  9. Take special drives to increase Kanya Mandal membership count
  1. Avail psychological counselling for happy parenting
  2. Organise mega Girls/ Women conference (for all ages until 50 years) at Ganga Shahar (Bikaner) on eve of Acharya Tulsi memorial day – event on 30th June, 01st July and 02nd July 2018
  3. Chitta Samadhi camps (minds healing camp) for senior members
  4. Special programmes for newly married couples/ married couples
  5. Start annual joyous/ coordinated family camps/ seminars
  6. Conduct special seminar of professionally qualified women members
  7. Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law special conferences
  8. Online counselling services for various queries/ concerns
  9. Regional conferences with theme ‘Unnayan’ for overall progress of ABTMM members
  1. Train villagers to adopt healthy and progressive life styles
  2. Self-dependence training and activities
  3. Health check-up various camps
  4. Stitching, Computer Learning courses training
  5. Literacy training
  6. Cleanliness promotion – Children cleanliness drive for a whole year in various rural places under Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan
  1. Making 108 Acharya Mahashraman Kanya Suraksha circles across country to promote Girls protection project awareness
  2. Setting up Acharya Mahashraman Physiotherapy centres across for society services
  1. Organise branch level visits all across India in first fourth months with special coordination of ABTMM national committee
  2. Pay special attention to sectors/ areas wherein there has been low or no visits during last few years
  1. Encourage ABTMM members to join ‘Bhavana’ programme driven to participate in Gurudev and other saints Seva while transiting from one place to another
  2. Promote morality, human values and no-addiction life style in rural and smaller areas while in seva
  1. Spread awareness on rising concerns due to addictive social media usage
  2. Conduct various regional/ national conferences/ seminars of subject experts to give in-depth know how of the concerns
  3. Avail personalised counselling of social media addicted members/ society members
  4. Avail various platforms to reduce social media usage and increase community level participation to reduce addiction levels
  5. Introduce various competitions to spread awareness on the concern
  1. Prepare 100 motivator women members under leadership training programme
  2. Creation of mobile application for Narilok and other ABTMM activities
  3. Prepare brochure and public profile of ABTMM for presentations
  4. Enhancing ABTMM website with all new look and feel

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Smt. Neelam Sethia (National President)

Smt. Madhu Derasariya (General Secretary)

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