We believe in nourishing relationships, creating a harmonious environment for healthy families to develop and construct a healthy society.We conduct various other programs in great numbers for the purpose of achieving a Healthy Family - Healthy Society status. Workshops, seminars, discussion forums, talk shows, press releases are some of the mediums we utilize to communicate our information.

ABTMM organised special workshops for newly weds to train them on adjustment skills with their partners, on building an understanding between them and comforting each other for their new relationship to last and organized workshops for couples also to understand the needs of a relationship as it grows and comes of age.
What is needed at every stage of companionship for it to face challenges?
How to cope up with pressures of workplace and the demands of a household at ease?
All participants are trained on these issues to find comfort in each others company. ABTMM conducted 3944 Symposiums and 852 workshops on healthy family healthy society all over india.

Moral Values

High moral human values and to create a well being in people, it is essential to cultivate good habits right from the early childhood. 1860 members of ABTMM across the country are associated with this noble cause as Jyanshala trainers to build the foundation for the nation's future.

Preksha Meditation

ABTMM has organised thousands of successful Preksha Meditation Camps for healthy family. Preksha Meditation is the practice of purification of thoughts, cleansing of emotions, connecting with the soul. This technique has been developed by Acharya Mahapragya. Preksha Meditation is indeed bringing a shift towards a better and healthy future.

Tulsi Mahapragya Chitt Samadhi Kendra

Chitt Samadhi Kendra is a great example of Service & responsibility towards seniors. It is being efficiently run by A.B.T.M.M. Once individuals cross the age of 60, there is a need of a place where they can spend some quality time in peace and can be free from all their responsibilities. This place serves the purpose and fulfills the requirement. We conduct Chitt Samadhi workshops for aged members of our society to train them for a better and happy life in the 2nd innings of their life. We also have specially designed workshops for all our members voluntarily contributing to the growth of our organisation on how to continue serving mankind along with fulfilling family requirements, enriching them into a more zealist and encouraging manner. We organize special events based on " Strong Woman Strong World " as a tribute to women empowerment.

Stronger Women... Stronger World


Smt. Neelam Sethia (National President)

Smt. Madhu Derasariya (General Secretary)

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